General Eye Exam
Includes: full vision analysis, evaluation for glaucoma and cataracts, peripheral vision, color vision, depth perception, and a written prescription for glasses 

Spherical Contact Lens Exam
Includes: full vision analysis (above) plus examination for spherical soft contact lenses (NO astigmatism correction), 3 months of follow-up visits, and a written prescription for both glasses and contact lenses 

Complicated Contact Lens Exam
Includes: what the contact lens exam (above) covers plus examination for complicated contact lenses such as (1) rigid gas permeable, (2) bifocal, (3) mono-vision, or (4) soft lenses with astigmatism correction 

Eye drops temporarily enlarge the pupil for an enhanced examination of intra-ocular and retinal health

Office Visits (Minor) 

Includes: minor red eye evaluation, minor corneal evaluation.  Fees covers one visit only 

Office Visit (Complex)
Includes: corneal problems, acute red eye, evaluation of foreign body, etc. A written prescription for medication is given if deemed necessary. Fee covers up to 3 additional visits if further treatment is needed. 

Lasik Consultations
Includes:  whether you are a good candidate for vision correction, Pre-Op and Post-Operative care and management.